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Every year, performers, vendors, re-enactors, and eccentrics converge on this run-down park for a celebration of dubious history, fairy-tale nonsense, and terrible puns. Jousters knock each other flying from their horses. Siege weapons fling pumpkins into the air. Knife vendors flirt with everyone who walks by. The people in garb hand-stitched from period materials grouse about the people running around in plastic fairy wings. Hastily made stages creak and tilt under countless duels. It's a chaotic, colorful mess, and you do it every year because at least some part of you loves it.
But the real drama happens after hours, when you and the rest of the staff are free to argue, gossip, hook up, and plot revenge for that revenge they took on you three years ago. You have a few weeks to cram in a year's worth of shenanigans with these people, so make the most of it.

What is this?

Ye Olde Faire is a custom setting and scenario for playing Unincorporated as the staff and volunteers at a Renaissance fair instead of the default small town. You’ll need the original game, which you can download at ethanharvey.itch.io/unincorporated.

You can replace the original Questions, Plots, and Examples with the ones in this playbook or combine them for more variety. It's designed to play over one or two sessions. If you want to play a longer campaign, you'll probably need to add Plots from the original game, or make up your own.

There's also a reference, character keeper, dice roller, and map in a Google spreadsheet for easy online play.


© 2023 by Ethan Harvey. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The reference spreadsheet was modeled after Open Hearth Gaming’s excellent character keepers. It includes a dice roller tool created by Gerrit Reininghaus.

Thanks to excellent playtesters Adam Oh and Chihuahua Zero.


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Version 0.1
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Version 0.1
Online Play Kit (Google Drive Folder)
Ye Olde Faire Text-Only HTML (on Github)


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Updated link to the Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DIJo0gosz05T0l1CuDWqwGliY0XC0Nmx?usp=sharing