Misery Monkeys 1.2.1: PDF Update, name change, and HTML version

Not having the same name on downloadable files as on the project page was annoying me, so I finally reinstalled Scribus and fixed up the PDF, and since the PDF version is a pain to read on a screen, I also made an HTML version.

I have no plans to keep updating this game; it’s finished as far as I’m concerned. At least until I find a mistake.


  • Minor improvements to cover art.
  • Minor text edits.
  • My name and link is updated, hopefully everywhere.
  • Trifold PDF text now matches the epub version.
  • New HTML version.
  • Kindle download now contains both .azw3 and .mobi formats.


web page
Dec 04, 2022
pdf - trifold pamphlet 597 kB
Version 1.2.1 Dec 04, 2022

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