Version 0.4

Version 0.4 is up! It includes a couple of rule changes, including more ways you can get and spend tokens, and sections on playing multi-session campaigns and creating custom settings.

Unincorporated was designed to play online from the start. I actually wrote the first version in a Google spreadsheet. All my playtesting has been via video chat. To my knowledge, it’s never been played face to face by anyone.

Given the current situation, I figure it will continue to be played mostly online. So I’ve been working on improving the Google spreadsheet reference/character keeper rather than the print-out reference sheets. It has a handy built-in dice roller now, to cut down on the browser tabs you need to keep track of.

This will most likely be the last free version. The plan is to make it PWYW with a minimum of $3.00, starting at version 0.5 (which will hopefully be up in September).


Unincorporated (pdf) 1.3 MB
Version 0.4 Jul 29, 2020
Unincorporated (kindle) 442 kB
Version 0.4 Jul 29, 2020
Unincorporated (epub) 748 kB
Version 0.4 Jul 29, 2020

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