Small Update to 0.6.1

Just updating the files to correct several names and links, including my own. I had planned to wait until I had a more substantial update and change it then, but having my old name on the cover and my new name on the profile page was bothering me. And some of the playtesters’ names and links were also outdated. So, new files. That’s all that’s changed this time. Hoping to get a real update out next month, but for right now I’m working on Wool of Bat, a new Unincorporated playset, and a couple of new projects.


Unincorporated (pdf) 1.3 MB
Version 0.6.1 Nov 25, 2022
Unincorporated (epub) 748 kB
Version 0.6.1 Nov 25, 2022

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Perfectly good reason to update!

I was planning on using having the correct name on the files as an incentive to get revisions done, but Unincorporated gets the most traffic, and I know I won’t get the next version together until at least next month. The others I don’t mind delaying a bit.