Stuck in Jawbone v0.8

Here's the August update of Stuck in Jawbone. And it's still August, so it's technically not even late!

Changes include some rearranging of people, places, and things, pruning redundant text, clarifying confusing wording, and arranging Secrets lists in a more logical way: from easiest to hardest to learn.

Planned for next update: more/better maps, more GM notes, and maybe some graphics showing the various trails of clues the PCs could follow, and a relationship map (who blames who for whose death, again?)

If you download and run it, I'd love to see any playtest notes, session recordings, etc! You can always comment on the product page or contact me on Twitter@bethanyharvey.

Thanks, and I hope you and your group enjoy the adventure!


Jawbone_v0-8.pdf 2.1 MB
Aug 27, 2019

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